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About Me

I completed my Master’s Degree in Counselor Education (Mental Health Counseling) from Florida International University.  

As a licensed psychotherapist in Florida and Germany, my passion is providing effective and practical counseling services to English speakers dealing with emotional, spiritual, and social issues.

In 2000, I began working with children, teenagers, and adults in a variety of environments.  My experience has shown that the therapeutic setting creates a safe, confidential and practical framework for anyone wanting to gain personal insight and make life-changing decisions regarding his or her future.

Throughout the years In working with individuals with disorders like: major depression, generalized anxiety, specific anxiety, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, ADHD, adjustment disorders, phase of life problems, grief and loss and many more, I understand the patience and empowerment mindset I must have as an effective counselor.


Following the story of my own life, I truly believe an individual’s past or present circumstances do not dictate the future path their life will take. Rather, through hard work and remaining true to one’s values and faith, everyone can achieve success, peace, and purpose in life.

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